Eco-Learning Center

In 2013, with funding from the Captain Planet Foundation, RCHI started constructing the Eco-Learning Center (ELC) entirely out of bottle blocks. A bottle block is a one liter plastic bottle filled with non-biodegradable trash compacted until it is as hard like a brick or a hollow block as they are called in the Philippines. Our ELC has been a model for our waste segregation advocacy.

Over 5,000 collected bottle blocks were used to build a 5-meter by 7-meter model ELC on the site of RCHI’s Eco-Learning Farm. The ELC was inaugurated in July 2013 and since then, many students, teachers, community members, government and non-government leaders have come to visit the center and farm. The ELC has been used for day-care classes, birthday celebrations, life skill sessions, trainings, staff meetings, and picnics.

In 2015, we were able to extend our ELC and add on a 5-meter by 4-meter kitchen area, also built entirely from bottle blocks. The kitchen includes a sink with running water and counter space.

Posted on: 25 January, 2013, by : Rehoboth Children's Home, Inc.
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