Fun Run & Family Month 2017

This past weekend was an eventful one here at Rehoboth! Last Friday, September 29, we held our 4th Annual “Run for Rehoboth” fundraiser in partnership with Tarlac Agricultural University. Thanks to the support of our community, partners, and sponsors, this year’s fun run was our best one yet! In addition to our usual 5K walk/run, we organized a shorter 2.5K children’s run for the first time. We had over 500 registered runners with about half showing up to run on the day. Our goal each year with the Fun Run is to promote the programs and services of Rehoboth to the community and at the same time raise funds for special projects at the Home. This year, our project goal is to develop a simple irrigation system in our Eco-Learning Farm in order to increase production of fruits and vegetables for consumption at the Home. We were able to raise nearly P40,000 towards our projects. Thank you everyone for your support! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures from the event!

The next day, we celebrated Family Month with a whole afternoon of activities together as a Rehoboth family. We were also joined by family members of some of our residents from the local community. Our residents come from all backgrounds and situations;  many of our residents have families but are at Rehoboth in order to continue their studies. We were thrilled that some of those family members were able to join us this weekend. Our activities consisted of eating lunch together, role plays, cheers, speeches, songs, and games. 





Fishpond Revival Project: Part 2

Over the last two months, we have been busy preparing our Eco-Isdaan (Eco-Fishpond) for tilapia farming. After a month of waiting, we were finally able to acquire our tilapia fingerlings! We lined the base of the fishpond with a layer of clay soil, gravel, chicken manure, and stones to help retain water and produce algae for natural food. Recent rainfall has filled our pond and we have tested it with litmus paper to make sure it is not acidic. Last Friday, we received 1,000 tilapia fingerlings and we have stocked both our main pond and second mini pond. 

First, we floated the fingerlings in an oxygenated bag for about 10 minutes in order for them to acclimate to the temperature of the pond. Transferring fingerlings directly into the pond without doing this would cause them to stress out. After 10 minutes, we opened the bag and slowly added water from the pond little by little into the bag to help fingerlings to continue to adjust to the temperature of the pond. Lastly, we dipped the bag under the water and waited for the fingerlings to swim out of the bag and into the pond. 

We are excited to have our Eco-Isdaan up and running and are ready to track the growth of the fingerlings over the next few months. Stay tuned!

Fishpond Revival Project: Part 1

Last April, we submitted a project proposal for our Eco-Isdaan (Eco-Fishpond) to the Peace Corps Partnership Program in hopes of receiving funding to repair and revive the fishpond in our Eco-Learning Farm. The Eco-Isdaan would provide year-round supply of tilapia for consumption in the Home, improve skills of staff and residents in food preparation, and enhance the Eco-Learning Farm as a learning space for residents and the local community. With the support of Dr. David Adams, a retired physical therapist from Washington, USA with a special interest in fishponds, we are able to make our project a reality! 

Over the last month, we have been busy preparing the land, cementing, repairing cracks in the walls, draining after rainfall, waterproofing the walls, and layered the base with clay soil and fertilizer. Next step, stocking the pond with tilapia fingerlings and monitoring their growth! More soon! 

Future Leaders of the Philippines

June 7-9, 2017 was Region 3 READLANI’s 3rd Annual Teambuilding and Leadership Camp at the International Children’s Care (ICC) Philippines Foundation, Inc. in Floridablanca, Pampanga. This was the first year that the teambuilding event included a leadership training component. The camp theme was: “Ang Kabataan Ang Pagasa ng Bayan” or “Youth Are The Hope For The Future.”

This year, Rehoboth was the agency selected to plan and organize the 3-day, 2-night program. Four Rehoboth Youth Leaders worked with our U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, Ms. Jacqueline Guan, to design and conceptualize the camp. The camp topics included: Leadership, Self-Awareness, Building Self-Confidence, Conflict Management, the Project Cycle, Goal Setting, Child Protection and Online Safety, and Teamwork and Communication.

Six high school residents from Rehoboth participated. There were over 70 youth in attendance ages 12-18 from 10 different child care institutions from all over Region 3. For many, it was their first time participating in a camp like this and we are proud to have been a part of facilitating their leadership development.

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