Fishpond Revival Project: Part 1

Last April, we submitted a project proposal for our Eco-Isdaan (Eco-Fishpond) to the Peace Corps Partnership Program in hopes of receiving funding to repair and revive the fishpond in our Eco-Learning Farm. The Eco-Isdaan would provide year-round supply of tilapia for consumption in the Home, improve skills of staff and residents in food preparation, and enhance the Eco-Learning Farm as a learning space for residents and the local community. With the support of Dr. David Adams, a retired physical therapist from Washington, USA with a special interest in fishponds, we are able to make our project a reality! 

Over the last month, we have been busy preparing the land, cementing, repairing cracks in the walls, draining after rainfall, waterproofing the walls, and layered the base with clay soil and fertilizer. Next step, stocking the pond with tilapia fingerlings and monitoring their growth! More soon! 

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