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Sponsors are matched with a specific resident or REAP scholar at Rehoboth and are encouraged to email or write periodically to their sponsored child and to send a card at Christmas and birthdays. Sponsors are asked to give regular financial contributions as they feel able. Sponsors are not expected to cover the full costs of an individual’s support and many young people have more than one sponsor. The actual costs for each person depend on many factors such as age, level of schooling, transportation costs and whether or not the person is resident at Rehoboth or being supported in the community as a REAP scholar. '

To learn more about sponsoring a child, please contact our partner charity in the UK who coordinate our child sponsorships. 

The One Hundred Club (or 100 Club) is a sponsorship program initiated by RCHI Executive Director, Ms. Amelia Tuquero in 2011, as a way for those local to the Philippines to give support to the educational needs of all Rehoboth children and young people. For a minimum contribution of PHP100 a month,  100 Club members are making a difference in the educational experience of Rehoboth residents and REAP students. 100 Club funds are specifically used for educational costs (e.g. tuition fees, contribution fees, school supplies, transportation, uniforms).

Unlike sponsorships, 100 Club members are not matched with a specific child or young person and are not expected to have direct correspondence with our children and young people. We accept semiannual, or annual payments, but annual payments (P1200 one-time) are preferred.

To join the 100 Club, please contact Ms. Amelia Tuquero at


One-time donations, either in-cash or in-kind, are always welcome and appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to visit us for a gift giving program, feeding program, celebrate your birthday with the children at Rehoboth, or if you would like to donate to a specific project, program, or need at Rehoboth. Email us at to learn more about how you can contribute and make a difference!


Volunteering is an impactful and rewarding way to support RCHI whether you wish to volunteer for a day, a week, or a longer period such as 3-6 months. Volunteers can be anyone; both individual volunteers and groups are welcome. Volunteers will be required to go through a background check. 

Projects you may be helping with include (but are not limited to): building or improving structures, working in our garden, planning and facilitating programs for our young people, tutoring and helping with school assignments, and teaching new skills to our young people and staff.

For more information about volunteering or visiting Rehoboth, please contact us at:

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