UK Visitors April 2018

On March 24th 2018, two members of Hardwick Evangelical Church arrived in the Philippines to stay at Rehoboth for a week, before the rest of their group arrived. They enjoyed getting to know the boys as they stayed in

the guestroom and got used to the Filipino way of life. They helped out with some practical tasks of building a chicken house in the garden, and painting the gates and water storage tanks. Some one-on-one drum and guitar lessons were given, and unlimited games of Uno and Lego building sessions were enjoyed!

A trip to Nambalan river was an opportunity to see some of the surrounding countryside and everyday life in the area. Carabao, cows, goats, chickens and ducks added to the scenery with rice fields, hills, streams and rivers. A dip in the cool water was refreshing and a great way to relax and appreciate the beautiful setting.

The rest of the group (8 adults and 2 children) arrived on April 1st, and they all stayed at Tarlac Agricultural University in the guestrooms. Every day the group came to Rehoboth and after an orientation, guided tour and introduction to everyone, activities were planned and organized for the following days.

In the first few days of the visit, Elementary and high school moving up, recognition and graduation ceremonies were taking place. It was an opportunity to see the proud moment when some of our residents received special awards and their diplomas so they could move up to the next level in school. Residents whose parents couldn’t make it, asked some of the volunteers to be their step in “parents” and award them with their medal.

The residents enjoyed an all-age holiday club on four mornings learning about different Bible characters including stories, drama, songs, games and crafts. Other craft, cooking, games and music sessions were held as well as lots of time for informal board and card games, playing with lego and generally getting to know each other and spending time together.

On Saturday morning, we hosted a Rehoboth Masterchef where four Filipino dishes were cooked on the covered court for our visitors to watch and learn how to cook. Tortang talong (grilled eggplant), shanghai rolls (mini spring rolls with fish), stuffed bangus (fish) and kare-kare (stew with peanut sauce) were enjoyed by all alongside chili con carne made by one of our visitors. We ate Filipino style called ‘boodle fight’ where the food is placed on banana leaves on a long table and everyone helps themselves! It was a highlight of the trip for some of our visitors.

We went out on two home visits to see local families and to see the different types of places that the children come from. We all enjoyed an afternoon of sports at the college playing basketball, volleyball, rounders, badminton and other games and a day out at Tarlac Recreational Park where swimming was top on the agenda! An optional visit was also made to Tarlac Monastary for the visitors to see another beautiful place in the area.

It was a very successful visit and everyone has many treasured memories from the time shared together. One member of the group has stayed on at Rehoboth to volunteer for another three weeks.

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