Residential Care

Rehoboth cares for between 30 and 40 residents at the Home at any one time. The children are a mix of boys and girls and range from ages of 8 years old to 21 years old. The girls are accommodated in the main house while the boys live together in a separate house across the street. Rehoboth is equipped with a resource room with small library, study, and computer area for the children and young people to use for their assignments and projects. There is also a small playground with slides and swings alongside a covered court where basketball, table tennis, and badminton are frequently played.

Home Life

House parents take care of the daily needs of the residents seeking to create a family atmosphere where life values are learned and practiced. The development of independent living is the goal by the time residents leave the Center.

Social Services

Resident social workers continuously monitor, update, and manage the cases of the children under our care.


Educating the children and young people is a high priority to the staff at Rehoboth, therefore additional support, tutorial programs and one-on-one lessons are made available for children who need assistance in their learning.


Recording the physical development of the residents (weight and height) as well as visits to the doctor and dentist are all part of our health services at the Center. Nutritious meals are planned each week and where possible this includes produce from our garden. The residents are encouraged to eat a balanced diet and take care of their health.


Indoor and outdoor activities such as games and sports are regularly undertaken to enable the children to have time for leisure and relaxation. Once a year, we take the children and young people on an R&R trip in order to explore different parts of the Philippines.
Church adults


Core Christian values are taught at the Home through attendance at Sunday School and Church, regular morning and evening devotions and other activities such as Bible study, prayer meetings, and attendance at local fellowships.
Garden work


Residents are encouraged to become trained and involved in simple livelihood projects and activities such as gardening and accessory making in order to increase their skills and widen their opportunities.


A variety of life skills are taught through the use of seminars and workshops with the aim of enabling our residents to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.
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